The new album ‘The Lunar Society’ is now available for download/streaming across a wide range of digital delivery platforms including Spotify/Amazon/iTunes/Bandcamp etc, and to celebrate, we have released our first pofessionally shot music video. So here it is! ‘Absolution’


The unofficial official video of ‘Forever’ by Richard Holland (Twink’s brother).

A brief clip of ‘Dark and Light’ from Dec 2016 live at West Street Ale House

‘Absolution’ from our recent gig at Shakespeare’s and a taster of the new album.


“The Silent Age” – An oldie but goody.

One of the first tracks written by the band still standing the test of time.

“Civilisation” by Artery (The Silent Age Remix)

As well as producing their own material, The Silent Age were asked by legendary Sheffield band, Artery, to remix tracks from their most recent release.

“The Prediction” by Artery” (The Silent Age Remix)

Another Artery remix from the deft hands of Jason Eyre.